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Are children's fingers and pet's paws interfering with your typing?

A Complete Yet Simple Solution For The At Home Or On-The-Go Laptop Computer User

If you have children or pets at home (even occasionally) and you use a laptop computer chances are you have had a little "help" typing from time to time. Have you ever wanted to be able to use your computer and keep those little hands and paws off your keyboard? Think about being able to type and have your favorite furry friend next you without the worry of accidental deletion or powering down your computer prematurely. Infants and toddlers, children and grandchildren alike could be at arm's length and you would be a happy camper knowing that you're not going to lose that information you just typed! They can slap away at your keys and you'd be protected.

If you're like so many people you may find that you just do not work on your computer when the little people are around or your cat is asking for a little extra attention. Simply put, you can't do what you need to do at that time which means you have to do it later. Later may not be nearly as convenient or it may be time-sensitive and must get it done now! You want to be as productive as possible, multi-task even to have more free time to do the fun things are your list.

There is now a new, simple solution to keep those hands and paws at bay. But that's not all. What about having two solutions in one? Would you like it to be portable? How about doubling your workspace in the same small footprint of your laptop computer? Of course you would also to look good and be affordable. Imagine being able to work for virtually anywhere without sacrificing your ergonomic needs.

There was one reason we brought this to you. It didn't exist and we needed it. As a young family ourselves, we found it nearly impossible to complete our take home work while our two little boys were around. We had to wait until they were in bed before the work could be started which meant even later nights. "There has to be a simple solution to this." My wife said. We asked colleagues and friends if they knew of a solution. They didn't, in fact, they echoed the same need. Other's expressed an ergonomic need, space saving need and portability need. "I never work at my desk at home. I work on my bed or couch." People said. Your feedback was requested and integrated and to our delight, problem solved. Take a look at just a few of the testimonials below received from parents and professionals alike.

Introducing Lapeez, the EZ laptop tableŽ, the first and only portable laptop computer table and desk in one. Look at all of the benefits Lapeez provides:

1. Creates a desk above your keyboard.
- This creates a barrier from outside interference. Children's hands and pet's paws are inhibited from hitting the keys.
- While using the desk you double your work area in the same small footprint as your laptop. Now you have space you need while at the coffee shop, on a plane, train or car.

2. Use Lapeez as a laptop table.
- Keeps the computer heat off of your lap while enabling the fan's heat disbursing functionality.
- Creates a more ergonomic work station whether you're office desk or riding in a car.
- Portable - you laptop computer is portable. Why shouldn't your laptop desk and table be as well? Take on trips. Use it in bed, your couch or chair. Use it virtually anywhere.

3. Looks cool.
- No more clunky, utilitarian, run-of-the-mill laptop table. Lapeez incorporates functionality in a sleek design that you'll love to show off.
- Choose from 3 colors to fit your personality and flair.

4. Affordable.
- Why purchase two items when you can save money by buying one item that provides two or more solutions?
- Lapeez is priced so that you can buy one for yourself or give as a gift. Great for college dorm rooms, aunts, uncles, grandparents and pet lover's alike, and don't forget that mobile professional.

Lapeez was designed with you in mind. Special care was taken into consideration for today's laptop computer user. You'll love the special features built into this unique system.

- One-size fits most design.
- Peripheral access points on both left and right sides for DVD, USB, as well as audio or Ethernet ports.
- Heat disbursing vents to keep your computer running cool while keeping you comfortable while working.
- A clear desk surface able to hold a book, notepad, cup or phone. When nothing is placed on top, you're still able to see your keys if need be.
- Indented front and rear sides to eliminate blind spots on your screen and easier access to your mouse pad.
You can see that Lapeez, the EZ laptop table® has you covered. Think again about all the solutions this desk does for you.

"I use the Lapeez table away from my office desk to help keep me organized and to keep my lap from getting too warm! Especially in the summer. I need the writing desk the most for my mouse and when I am on the phone and I need to use my computer to look things up and I need to jot down notes."

Wendy Peterson, attorney https://notjustpatents.com/

"I love using the Lapeez at home! I sit on my couch and work on my laptop while relaxing in comfort. Because Im so comfortable I can work longer and get more done, the Lapeez makes it all possible!"

Kenneth R. Smith, CFP¨, MS | Chief Executive Officer Empirical Wealth Management¨ www.empiricalfs.com

"Just wanted to thank you for introducing my family to the Lapeez. My daughter goes to UW and told me that the Lapeez took the strain off of her neck and upper back. She said her sorority sisters were trying to steal it away from her. Being a Chiropractor I am always concerned about posture and proper work station ergonomics, I use the Lapeez when I am on the computer while lounging in bed. Great invention."

Dr. James Devine http://www.downtownseattlechiropractic.com/

Lapeez retails for $38.95 but for the first 500 online orders you can purchase one for only $19.95! I Want It Now That's right, only $19.95 and you too can be enjoying your laptop computer again from the comfort of your home, office or on the go. No need to worry about accidental deletion or premature power downs from little hands and paws.

Again, this special online price is only offered to the first 500 orders so please don't hesitate. Get Lapeez Now.

Purchase with confidence. We are so confident that you too will love Lapeez® the EZ laptop table that we offer a 90 day risk free trial. If you're not completely satisfied with Lapeez please return it and we will refund your original purchase price.

You should be congratulated. You have found the solution to your needs and in some cases above and beyond the original problem you were looking to solve! In today's busy world of parenting, working, playing, taking care of pets and family members it's nice to find a product that actually helps you be more productive and efficient. Get the must do's done so you have more time for the want to do's. You'll love your new Lapeez so order now.


Scott Raney

To keep children's hands and pet's paws off of your keyboard, Lapeez® creates a desk surface above your laptop computer enabling you to create a barrier from outside interference and effectively doubling your work area. Remember only the first 500 orders receive the special online pricing of $19.95 so act now!

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